Bhangra is a beautiful form of expression that will engulf you in its spirit as soon as you experience it. It’s a celebration of life and is done with passion, enthusiasm, and energy. It is perhaps the most vigorous form of South Asian Dances. Bhangra originated in the fertile land of Punjab, India.

Though bhangra may have existed longer, but its history can be traced back to 500 years ago. Bhangra was created among farmers while they worked in the fields. Since it’s grounded in earth, its basic movements relate to farming activities like ploughing, sowing, and, harvesting. Traditionally performed to celebrate the harvest, Bhangra reflected the enthusiasm and appreciation shared among rural folk as they witnessed their hard labour bear fruit. Bhangra season concludes with Vaisakhi, a festival that marks the arrival of the harvesting season. Vaisakhi always falls on or around April 14th, and marks the beginning of the solar year and is therefore also celebrated as the New Year among Punjabi’s.

Traditionally Bhangra is a form of dance based on the beat of Punjabi folk instrument called dhol drum, a single-stringed instrument called the iktara, the tumbi and the chimta. The accompanying songs are small couplets written in the Punjabi language called bolis. But Now a days Bhangra has become a synergistic blend of its traditional origins and contemporary musical styles ranging from Reggae, Hip-Hop, to Drum N Bass. Bhangra continues to reach the masses, emerging as a popular global sound. When the dhol (drum) beats and Punjabi music kick in; you can’t help but move your feet to the beat. It’s truly a beautiful thing to watch as it brings out the free spirit and un-inhibited emotions and allows people to move their bodies in a way that brings tremendous joy and release.

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